Tailor made comfort

Tailor made comfort

All that you want – now you can have, and in a way that suits you. Be inspired by the possibilities of smart systems. Manage lighting, air conditioning, shutters, multimedia, home appliances, garden and swimming pool systems, in accordance with your daily activities and special occasions.


Along with your habits, you can synchronize the lighting system with the weather conditions, synchronizing it with the shades. On a cloudy day, your intelligent system will measure the amount of light entering through windows and automatically boost the intensity in relation to the sunny day conditions.

Air conditioning

The smart home automatically manages air conditioning units and/or heating bodies to achieve the desired coolness or warmth of the space. The smart system will start even when you are not at home, so that the temperature upon your arrival is exactly as you wanted. However, if you come home unexpectedly or early – no problem, start the system via cell phone!

Audio and TV system

An audio system which wakes you up in the morning with the jazz music and lets you sleep in to classical music. But only on Mondays. The TV which goes on during your favorite show or game, while lighting becomes more discrete. The song from your first date comes out of the speakers while you’re not at home and surprises your partner in the moment she enters the house. Exactly on your anniversary … Tell us if there’s anything else you may need…

Household Appliances

Adjust your household electrical helpers to do their job exactly when you need it, without having to manually activate them. You can start your coffee machine at the same time as the alarm clock goes off. Furthermore, if you forgot to turn a washing machine on before leaving the house, do it via cell phone. And don’t worry if you left the iron or stove on, deactivate them remotely, piece of cake.

Watering system and outdoor lighting

Maybe you thought that automatic garden watering at three o’clock in the morning was a smart idea? But, what if at that moment there is a heavy rain? The smart system ‘cooperates’ with atmospheric conditions and automatically switches off watering. It also adjusts the intensity of outdoor lighting depending on the amount of natural light.

The pool system

Apart from regulating the water temperature during night and day, or exactly at the time when you are planning well-deserved refreshment and entertainment, the intelligent system will react to a storm or other changes which require a pool to be covered. If you didn’t plan it in advance, click the option on your mobile phone and start the covering of the pool. Your pool is then secured, and you can continue with your carefree evening as you planned it.

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