My personal illumination

Surely, there is a place in the house where you spend more of your time than those you live with. If you enjoy creative cooking, maybe it’s the kitchen. For your culinary feats, it is necessary to have plenty of light, and the kitchen usually has a variety of lighting fixtures, either common or local. You know which lighting is the best fit, so you may adjust the activity and intensity of lighting. When the scenario is set, name it with the appropriate name (e.g. ‘delicacies in progress’).
Other family members may not necessarily need the work of all lighting fixtures or their strongest intensity for their activities in the kitchen. Why would a lamp, a chandelier or ceiling lamp be lit if you just do not need it? When you personalize your need for lighting, aside from not wasting energy, you create a comfortable and convenient environment for living, work or just to ‘steal’ a piece of cake from the refrigerator. Create personal lighting as well for your other rooms – home theater, bathroom, study room, gym or any other room.