How long does the installation take?

Not more than the traditional electrical installation. The time needed for planning and programming of the smart system depends on your specific requirements and workload. Don’t worry, we’ll let you know everything as you need to know it.

What if it breaks down?

If it breaks down, and that is very rare, then we will fix it. And in the meantime? A smart home has no central unit and consists of about ten independent devices of simple functionality, and the failure of any of them does not affect your life more than the breakdown of any other appliance.

Does this hardware disrupt the appearance of the room?

Not more than a classic installation. The design of the visible components is discrete and smoothly fits into any space.

Do I need to have a computer or a tablet?

No. The smart home does not need a computer or a tablet. But, if you have them, you will have the additional possibility of managing the intelligent system.

Why do I need an intelligent system?

In a house built according to modern principles of low energy building, an intelligent system allows you additional energy savings, without the need to give up anything. On the contrary, the smart system allows maximum comfort with rational energy consumption. How? It takes care of your comfort, safety and energy efficiency for you.

When is the best time for installation?

The design phase of the house is a good time for contracting, because at that point the installation of smart system with the same functionality can cost half as much.