In accordance with nature

In accordance with nature

Synchronized action

The smart home minimizes energy consumption in the way that it synchronizes lighting, air-conditioning, ventilation and blinds with each other and the outdoor weather conditions. You just have to set the desired temperature and intensity of light in an individual room. The rest will be done by the smart home itself.

You are working for nature – nature works for you

On a clear day the shutters will open and let the natural light and warmth into your living space. Lighting and heating systems are automatically synchronized with the natural conditions and, depending on the intensity of the sun and the set parameters for temperature and light, they reduce the activity of heating and lighting systems or completely deactivate them. With these energy savings you are preserving the eco-system.

Be environmentally conscious

If you leave the window open, the air conditioning system will automatically shut down in order to avoid needless waste of energy. If you leave the room and forget to turn off the light, presence detectors will automatically deactivate lighting in the room. Why spend more energy than you need?

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