Agenor automatika d.o.o.


M. Grahalića 1, HR-52440 Poreč

T: +385 52 427 520

F: +385 51 493 512

VAT no. (OIB): 58711793663

Registration no. (MBS): 040164863

IBAN: HR0724840081106121196, Raiffeisen Bank

Share capital: 130.000,00 HRK

Ownership structure: private ownership in its entirety

Agenor automatika d.o.o. is registered with the Commercial Court in Pazin with the subject number (MBS) 040164863. The share capital of 130,000.00 HRK has been fully paid.

Board members: Valter Beaković, Andrej Prpić, Branko Labinac and Robert Štedul.