Extra safety

Extra safety

Relax and don’t worry. Nordom is taking care of you. Through video surveillance, security protection and alarm systems, you monitor your home in every moment from anywhere in the world.

Video surveillance

All of your indoor and outdoor spaces are available on the screen of a mobile device, wherever you are. From the same device you can wish a nice day to the postman who just rang the doorbell while you are away. He will have no idea whether are you at home or in another hemisphere.

Anti-theft protection

You are on your way, and you didn’t lock the door? Drive on. With only one command you can lock and block all accesses to your smart home. Do it with one touch on the screen or with your voice. If a burglary attempt happens, motion detectors will activate the alarm and turn the lights on, and you’ll be the first to know about the intruder.

Alarm systems in the event of a disaster

Fire, flood or gas leaks activate the detectors and trigger an alarm at the moment when the disaster occurs, regardless of where you are. A timely response can prevent greater damage, and your loved ones can sleep peacefully.

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