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You have decided that the temperature in your smart home should be a pleasant 22°C. Heating or cooling bodies, independently on their type or amount, are in charge of maintaining the room temperature at the level you set. The smart home synchronizes the cooling and heating systems with outdoor conditions and, if the right conditions […]

What if…

…I forget to turn the dish washer on, and I am already out of the house? Take your mobile phone or tablet and turn it on as if you were at home. While doing that, also check if your other appliances are on. …I activate the ventilation system, and it starts raining while I am […]


Lower energy consumption by up to 6%

By taking care of the indoor temperature you can lower the consumption of energy sources needed to heat up of your indoor space. Setting the thermostat to be only one degree lower, saves energy by 6%. The smart system allows you to, without any special intervention, lower your expenses without affecting your comfort level. When […]