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In a home with classic installations, you have to turn the TV, appliances, AC, lights and audio system off when leaving the house. You have to check whether the doors are open or closed, are the tents down, is the pool covered. You have to turn the security system on, lock the door, open the […]

Initial settings

Initial settings are entered to your system by Nordom’s working team, according to your requests. These are usually indoor and outdoor lighting during the day or night, temperature of the rooms, pool water temperature, and the security system. If after a while you want to change the initial settings, you can easily do that on […]


Scenario examples

Short departure While you are at work, out shopping or some other short-term absence, the house will ensure your comfort for the moment of your return. Air conditioning will start on time in order to create the proper temperature, and lights and appliances, which during your absence don’t have to be on, will be automatically […]