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Surely, there is a place in the house where you spend more of your time than those you live with. If you enjoy creative cooking, maybe it’s the kitchen. For your culinary feats, it is necessary to have plenty of light, and the kitchen usually has a variety of lighting fixtures, either common or local. […]

Unplanned return home

You are on vacation. Hundreds of kilometers away from home. Before you left you programmed the house to activate the systems on the day and hour of your planned return. The house independently starts ventilation, heating or air conditioning, water heating and other actions which you programmed, and which create preconditions for a pleasant stay. […]


Multimedia in every room

It is not necessary to hear music, radio, TV or a stream in every room if you are not present in those rooms. Presence detectors will locate your presence in a certain room, and in cooperation with the multimedia system, it will activate the selected content in the room you are in. Your favorite music […]


Be assured that the stove is turned off

If you, by any chance, have forgotten to do it, check through your mobile phone, tablet, Internet or send an SMS. According to your command, appliances that you might have forgotten to turn off will be turned off automatically. In case you don’t remember to check if your stove, iron or toaster is on, the […]


Garage and yard doors

With a call from your mobile phone you can activate opening of yard and garage doors, and, since the system recognizes your number, there is no possibility that it won’t listen to you. In case that you are expecting guests, set the system to react to the calls from their phones as well, so they […]


What is your favorite pool color?

You can build in different colored spotlights in your pool or around it. That illumination can be a part of the smart house’s system as well. Pool spotlights will function in cooperation with the pool system, multimedia, yard lighting and others, and will provide extra pleasure and a pleasant atmosphere for you. Set up the […]