Tailor made comfort

Lighting, air conditioning, heating and multimedia, in accordance with your wishes.

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Ease of use

Mobile phone or tablet – when you are on your way. Touch panel, remote control or computer – when you are at home.

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Extra safety

The alarm system and video surveillance cooperate with other smart systems.

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In accordance with nature

The smart house is a green house. It saves energy and takes care of environment.

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About the smart home

The smart home gives you the absolute ability to manage, supervise, adjust and adapt your living space to your individual needs and wishes. Your home becomes a reflection of your habits and lifestyle.

The smart system permeates the house in the same way as the traditional electrical installations, and with it, you manage everything in an easy and simple way – lighting, heating and air conditioning, shutters, awnings and curtains, multimedia – audio system and TV, garage and yard gates, garden and swimming pool system, household appliances … – even when you’re not at home! It is possible to integrate the anti-theft system into the smart home, this is much more effective than a classical system, this goes for the video surveillance and intercom systems too, and again – all of that can be managed remotely.

It is time for the evolution of housing.

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